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Best Numerology Course Online | Shubhnaame

If you have decided to become a numerology consultant, then your journey of searching for the best numerology course near me has been made easy. However, as many institutes in Mumbai offer various online courses in this field, it becomes a difficult task to find out the best one.

Numerology Course Near MeYou may be wondering how this can be possible as all the institutes claim to offer the best numerology course near you to their candidates. Let me tell you that the reason for this situation is that private institutes run these classes, and it depends upon the institution’s revenue that decides the pricing of these courses
As a new graduate, you do not have enough time to go to multiple institutes and take up different courses. It is one reason why most students drop out of the class and never finish the whole course.

The best option for you to get into a good course in Mumbai is to search the internet for various free courses offered by multiple personal numerology consultants in Mumbai. It will help you know about the pricing structure of the various courses offered by various institutes in the city. The advantage of choosing this way is that you will select the best course in Mumbai without even stepping out of your room.

Apart from the free classes on the internet, you can also get information about the fees of these courses from the contact details of the private institutions. You can get all the relevant information on the pricing structures from the website of the private institution and then make a choice between Mumbai and Numerology.

If you are looking to go further your career in astrology and if you want to join a good organization that helps to improve the quality of life of people from Mumbai, then you should opt for a Shubhnaame. Suppose you choose to get into a private institution. In that case, it is better to check with the management whether they will allow international students to learn astrology from their institutions or not.

Basic Numerology Course:

Objective :

To help students understand the importance of numbers & their impact on their personalities, success and other important aspects of life

Duration :

5 sessions of 1.5 hours each

Fees :

Rs 10,000/- only

Following is the content for the Basic Numerology :

  • 1. Understanding the basic numbers
  • 2. Famous methods in Numerology
  • 4. Birth & Destiny Numbers
  • 5. Heart’s Desire & Personality Numbers
  • 6. Purpose Number
  • 7. Mid-Life Power Number
  • 8. Unfinished Business / Karmic Numbers
  • 9. Challenge & Pinnacle Numbers
  • 10. Personal Month & Year Numbers

Let Shubhnaame know your fears and we will solve them. Our experts are well equipped to take care of your problems within the time period you have decided on.