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Do you have problems in life related to finance, property, health, marriage or even family feuds? Are you not able to understand why this is all happening and why it was caused all of a sudden? There are troubles in life that just cannot be explained with reasons occurring in plain sight. Sometimes, the problem is deeper. The interventions of numbers and planetary movements often go unnoticed because we are too busy looking for reasons in the world around us. The numbers of your birth date are not a mere coincidence. They do not just happen to be there. In fact, these numbers define your destiny and the working of your life in the future. Thus, the numbers are closely connected with how life treats you. Similarly when you look for a numerologist in Mumbai, they will tell you that there are significant numbers which must have a strong presence in your life depending upon each individual.


Our mission has always been to achieve utmost satisfaction for the clients by remaining sensitive towards their needs and expectations. We provide only the most ethical and authentic form of consultancy, driven by a passion towards the welfare and benefit of the society.


To continue providing accurate guidance and timely advice, to bring peace and prosperity in the lives of all those who seek his assistance. We wish to leverage our knowledge and services towards a larger good of our clients and simultaneously the society as a whole.

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