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Objective :

Numerology is a series of techniques for analysing the relationship between numbers and events. This method is used to either predict or explain the occurrence of an event in the future. As a leading Numerology Classes in Mumbai, We are here to provide you with a conceptual grasp of the topic of numerology, which is enormous.

If you want to learn about Numerology and improve your mental understanding of the subject, enroll in one of our Numerology courses in Mumbai. is well-known Numerology Institute in Mumbai for providing the best Numerology classes and assisting you in uncovering hidden mysteries. We build a pleasant learning environment in which learning appears to be a pleasurable activity.

You will study about the history and growth of Numerology in our fundamental Numerology Courses in Mumbai. You will learn to calculate and determine the significance of the five Core Numerology Numbers, Pinnacles and Challenges, and Karmic Numbers once you have a basic understanding of numerology. Finally, you will understand how Numerology can affect decisions such as what to name your child or which house to buy in the final stage.

Duration :

5 sessions of 1.5 hours each

Fees :

Rs:10,000/- only

Following is the content for the Basic Numerology Course in Mumbai :

  • 1. Understanding the basic numbers
  • 2. Famous methods in Numerology
  • 4. Birth & Destiny Numbers
  • 5. Heart’s Desire & Personality Numbers
  • 6. Purpose Number
  • 7. Mid-Life Power Number
  • 8. Unfinished Business / Karmic Numbers
  • 9. Challenge & Pinnacle Numbers
  • 10. Personal Month & Year Numbers
numerology course in mumbai